Why Dogs Get Stuck After Mating – Breeding Process Explained

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In this video, we’ll explain why dogs get stuck together during mating, why dogs appear to be distressed by it, and whether you should intervene during a dog tie and lock while after they mate.

Dogs get stuck to each other because there are multiple steps happening while they are mating. Getting stuck or lock is a common, natural phenomenon. It is simply a stage of the dog breeding process, and is technically known as copulatory tie.
And there is no defined time until when the dogs would remain in tie. It may last up to an hour. To understand the full process, we first need to analyze the male canine’s genital organ. The tie gives the female dog a higher chance of getting pregnant. Theories suggest that the reason the two dogs face outward from each another is a form of defense mechanism. It allows the two dogs to survey their surroundings.
If you come across dogs who are tied to another, do not try to separate them. While the dogs often start whimpering, whining or even barking, it’s important to realize that this process is normal and natural.
Separating them is dangerous and can hurt both dogs. It can rupture their sexual organs.
Interestingly enough, this behavior isn’t unique to dogs, it’s found in most canids, including wolves, foxes and coyotes.

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