9 Things To Know Before Getting A Maltese Puppy

Dog Health, Maltese
Maltese dogs are as iconic as they are cute – a lot. These little, white bundles of joy are the favorite lap dog breed of many families and for many good reasons.

0:00 Introduction
0:43 Maltese dogs are a very loving and gentle breed
1:31 Maltese are not very tolerant toward low temperatures
2:03 Maltese are not “yappy” dogs when trained right
2:35 These dogs are fighters!
3:03 Maltese fall in the middle of the “healthy or not” scale
4:17 Avoid “teacup” Maltese pups!
5:09 This is a surprisingly energetic breed
5:44 Maltese are great with kids
6:14 Grooming is crucial for this breed

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